Welcome to Mepcobills.com. It is a free source from where you can check, print, or download your mepco bills online. Now checking your MEPCO online bills is one of the easy and simple processes. It helps you to check the due dates of the bills, as well as provides the facility to duplicate them, print them, or download them to do easy bill payments against your mepco wapda online bills.

Check Mepco Bills Online:

To check your bill, enter your reference number (14 digits number listed on your bill copy) below to check mepco bills for March 2023:

  1. Enter your 14 digits reference number from your bill.
  2. Click on Show Bill Button.
  3. Click on view bill and, simply download or print it.
  4. Make a copy and then you can submit your mepco bills.

There are many other benefits of checking your mepco bill or do mepco bill payments via an electronic system. These benefits include; no need for paper checks, easy access to your account, and much quicker processing times. In order to use your online bill system, it is best for you to visit the website, you will find the information box and fill it and this will also save you a lot of money.

Areas of Coverage:

Mepco is one of the largest electricity supply companies currently serving 13 major and administrative regions or districts of South Punjab. The regions that are under mepco are:

Multan Rahim Yar Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan Muzaffargarh
Bahawalnagar Pakpattan
Khanewal Sahiwal
Bahawalpur Rajanpur
Layyah Vehari

Mepco Bills Download/Print Online:

If you download your MEPCO bill online, you will also have access to other services that will allow you to get a copy of your bill with a few clicks of the mouse. You can look for a bill claim service, file a claim, or even get a bill verification. Once you have a copy of your bill, you can review it to make sure that everything is accurate.

There are two methods for the recovery of bills: either manually going to the office and claiming a duplicate bill or downloading the MEPCO bill online.

  • To download your bill, you need to check mepco bills.
  • Then click on print or simply right-click and download your bill.
  • You can also print your bill and get a copy by clicking on the print button.

Previous Month’s Bill:

Sometimes due to some reasons, there is a need for our mepco previous month’s bills to check the records of units, payments history, or last payment status. You can claim your last month’s mepco bill, either by visiting your nearest district office or checking them online. To check your previous month’s bill online, you can apply the same process of mepco online bill check as explained above.

Reference numbers are your bill account number. The supplier only identifies you with the reference number on your bill. If you want to find out the previous records, payment, or payment status of your bill, it is necessary to generate the results on time. Every single user has a unique MEPCO reference number.

How To Check Electricity Bill Reference Number Of Mepco:

It is situated on the top of the bill section and named as a reference number.


Looking for mepco mis? Mepcobills.com is a free service providing an online panel to facilitate its consumers with online checking and billing procedure. So you don’t need to struggle in checking your duplicate bills.

Mepco Peak Hours:

Peak Hours are the hours in which Mepco suggested reducing the consumption of electricity used to further reduce the amount on bills. Moreover, the peak hours for the specific time period is different:

April to October 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
November to March 6 PM to 10 PM

Taxation on MEPCO Bills:

On your Mepco bills, you must see some taxations such as FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment), Deferred Amount, Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTR), Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TR), FC Surcharge, etc.

Deferred Amount:

You may see the deferred amounts in your Mepco bills. You can pay this mentioned amount on or in your next month’s bill but you must have to pay it.

FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment):

It belongs to those companies that generate electricity through crude oil and mostly happens when there is a fluctuation in the fuel prices. So, whenever this tax is mentioned it will be included in your this or next month’s bill.

Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTR):

QTR stands for Quarterly Tariff Adjustment and this amount is listed after every three months on your bills. The ultimate goal of it is tariff adjustment so that’s why it’s must be paid.

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TR):

It refers to Tariff Rationalization and is because of GOP and NEPRA Tariff. If the difference is counted as positive you may see a subsidy in the Bill from GOP but in case of negativity, the electricity distribution company must have to pay it to GOP.

FC Surcharge:

It’s Financing Cost Surcharge and is decided as 43 paise per unit as FC Surcharge for the collection of debt servicing of Power Holding Limited.

About MEPCO:

Mepco is known as one of the largest electricity providers in Pakistan, covering thirteen districts in southern Punjab with about 35 million users in that district. In 1948 the government of Pakistan set up this corporate energy sector and it was given all the rights, obligations, liabilities, and assets of the Multan area electricity board.

Since its establishment, MEPCO is providing outstanding services that include easy bill payments, complaints registrations & solutions, etc. The main objective of MEPCO is to benefit Pakistan in terms of revenue and to serve as the top electricity services provider.

MEPCO Bill Payments Online:

On the 15th of every month, the company dispatches the bill of customers to their registered address. Still, if users do not get their bills on time, they can claim a copy of their bill from its nearest division office, or they can download a copy of the bill online and pay by printing the bill. 

For the ease of its customers, MEPCO is providing the facility of e-bill for its customers. The customer can view and pay mepco bills online without waiting for the arrival of the bill at home and waiting in long rows in the bank. MEPCO Online bills payment process facilitates you with many easy-to-use options to pay via electronic fund transfer.

To pay your bills online, there are many different apps available like Easypaisa, JazzCash, or using your bill. You can check out the complete payment methods and how to pay the bills using With all the resources that you have at your disposal, you can easily pay your bills online and avoid many inconveniences that you will experience when you try to send your payments.

MEPCO Wapda Jobs:

It is a desire of every person to get a job in the government sector for job security reasons, but due to high competition, few can qualify for this. When a company offers jobs, the vacancies with their complete details are listed on its official website there are many other online platforms and print media which update the listed vacancies in mepco. To get updates about the MEPCO jobs frequently visit and remain in touch with the website news panel, print media, and other online platforms. Also, you can check the latest updates about the jobs from here.

Mepco Head-Office Multan Address:


Q- How much time does it take to restore a Mepco connection they disconnect?

A- You can ask about the restoration of your connection from your nearest subdivision office or you can call its helpline number 0800-63726.

Q- What should we do if our area is facing low voltage?

A- Complain to your nearest DSO office or in case of emergency do contact the main office of MEPCO. If you face connection problems then make sure to register your complain.

Q- What are the policies and procedures for electricity in local areas and in villages?

The major difference is financially sanctioned by the local or provincial government. Contact your representative for the restoration of electricity in the area. Similarly, the cost of electricity for housing projects is borne by the sponsors or the residents.

Q- Why is the telephone number of the Complaints Office constantly busy?

It is due to when the power supply is cut off in a certain area and a large number of customers try to contact due to which the telephone of the complaint office remains busy. In addition to the complaint office of your area, 9220317, 9220314, or you can also make a complaint at headquarters. For any complaints go here.

Q- To whom should I contact in case of incorrect readings on the bill?

Contact the nearest customer service centers in your area or MEPCO headquarters.

Q- I have been receiving a low amount of bills for the last two months. Suddenly this month I received a huge amount. What could be the reason for this?

You can contact your nearest subdivision office for this. It is never a problem to check your electricity meter numbers, especially when it comes to energy and money-saving benefits. If your meter has not been read, contact your subdivision. If you see a clear difference between the bill and the reading, get it fixed.

Q. How to check the electricity bill mepco paid or not?

A. You can check your bill payment status by logging in to the mepco online panel. On the front of the bill there is payment and units history and number of months billed. You can also check mepco rates here.

Q. How to pay an electric bill online mepco?

A. There are different fintech companies that are offering online payment of mepco bills such as Easypaisa, and jazz cash. You can follow mepco online bill payment so that you can pay your bills online properly without any kind of trouble.