Mepco Rates 2024

Here you can find all the information on MEPCO rates for 2024 through this website. MEPCO provided all necessary guidelines like MEPCO Rates 2023 and other information required for a new connection. All the information regarding unit price, new connection fee, new meter charges, free supply form, new connection fee, net metering, MEPCO with-holding tax … Read more

MEPCO New Connection 2024 – Apply Online

So you’re looking for Mepco New Connection and searching for online solutions to it. Now you can Register your new Connection online. Instead of visiting the nearest office, you can submit the online form to submit an application for the new connection. Throughout, the process remains the same, as mepco is trying to facilitate its … Read more

MEPCO MIS – Management Information System 2024

MEPCO Management Information System (MIS) is an advanced online platform designed exclusively for authorized MEPCO staff. It serves as a centralized information management system, allowing efficient handling of customer records, court cases, pending recoveries, bill corrections, new connection tracking, inquiries, and consumer complaints resolution. The implementation of this system addresses the need for streamlined data … Read more

Top 5 Schemes for the People of Pakistan 2023

Pakistan, a vibrant and diverse nation, has been implementing various schemes and programs to uplift its people and address social, economic, and educational challenges. These initiatives aim to improve the living standards of the population, promote inclusivity, and foster economic growth. In this article, we will discuss five noteworthy schemes that have had a positive … Read more

Mepco Bill Calculator

Mepco Bill Calculator   Note: This amount does not include FPA or QTR tax, therefore the original bill amount can be different. We’re just providing an estimation of your current bill. Cost of electricity: 13.48 F.C Surcharge: 0.43 Electricity Duty: 0.20 TV Fee: 35 GST: 2.40 N.J Surcharge: 0.1 Total Estimated Bill: 51.61   Check … Read more

Top 10 Best Ways to Reduce Mepco Electricity Bill

MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is a leading power distribution company in Pakistan responsible for supplying electricity to 13 administrative districts of South Punjab. With rising energy costs and increasing electricity consumption, many MEPCO customers are seeking ways to reduce their electricity bills. Rising electricity prices in Pakistan can put a strain on MEPCO consumers, … Read more

MEPCO Helpline

If you’re encountering any electricity-related problems, rest assured that MEPCO (Multan Electric Power Company) is ready to assist you. For prompt support, simply dial the Mepco helpline number provided below. Whenever you face difficulties in transmitting energy or have any queries, feel free to reach out. MEPCO Helpline Number: 0800-63726 In addition, you can consult … Read more

Electricity Fuel Price Adjustment May 2023

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has recently announced a temporary adjustment in electricity prices in Pakistan. Effective immediately, the price of electricity will be increased by 70 paisas per unit. However, it is crucial to note that this additional charge is applicable for only one month, specifically for the billing cycle in May. … Read more

Mepco Online Complaints Registration

MEPCO making operation as an administrator after being granted a license by NEPRA is allowed only to charge those tariffs as approved by NEPRA so this article is related to MEPCO complaints. This rate determines the terms and conditions of the rate applicable to the different consumer categories determined by NEPRA. The definitions of the … Read more

How to Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number?

Checking MEPCO bills without a reference number can be a challenge, but there are alternative methods available. In this article, we will guide you on how to check your duplicate MEPCO bills without knowing the reference number. MEPCO, the Multan Electric Power Company, is a prominent electricity supplier in Pakistan, catering to approximately 25 million … Read more