MEPCO Complaints 2022

MEPCO making operation as an administrator after granted a license by NEPRA is allowed only to charge those tariffs as approved by NEPRA so this article is related to MEPCO complaints. This rate determines the terms and conditions of the rate applicable to the different consumer categories determined by NEPRA. The definitions of the terms below have been changed periodically accordingly, as determined by NEPRA.

MEPCO Complaints

MEPCO Complaints

MEPCO makes the efforts to create a surface with the forums of consumers, councils, and associations. These efforts were made to polish MEPCO’s relationship with its consumer, including the knowledge of consumers regarding utility programs and activities and services. For the more convenient, easy way to help consumer MEPCO start service center and one-window operation.

Now citizens and traders in big problems due to an increase in the amount of security deposit rates by Multan Electricity Power Company (MEPCO) avail a new connection. The MEPCO has increased the amount of security deposit rates for both domestic and commercial connections.

Connection TypesConnection Rates
Domestic ConnectionRs. 400 to Rs.1800
Commercial ConnectionRs. 700 to Rs. 6000

After acceptance of making all new connection charges, a demand notice for the purpose of the security deposit as per the rate approval by NEPRA including other charges issued to the applicant for making despite in the mentioned branch. For making MEPCO demand notice-fee one month given. There is a very easy way to track MEPCO’s demand notice-fee by putting company name and track id or CNIC.

The CEO of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), Muzaffar Ali Abbasi, said he had initiated various projects to eliminate the problems of voltage, scattering, and fluctuations.

He spoke to Dawn and said that after taking responsibility for his job, he tried to solve the problems, mainly caused by the lack of interest from the MEPCO administration. He said that the work to balance the electricity load among feeders had reduced the number of complaints.

MEPCO Online Complaints

If you are facing any problem related to electricity, you can create an online complaint at MEPCO Online complaints application form is available on its official website. To register your complaint click MEPCO Complaints Form.

mepco online complaints

MEPCO Complaints in respect of getting new connections, issues of meter reading and billing, failure supply of electricity, and including all other matters of electricity supply handled by MEPCO Authority. MEPCO’S consumer service center do respond to the complaints made by consumer very efficiently as per their required time period. 

MEPCO Complaint Number

For any MEPCO complaint regarding un-scheduled Load shedding, Shutdown, you may complain about following numbers at Power Control Centre Multan. 

MEPCO Complaint Numbers are:

Phone Numbers

Write down an Email at

MEPCO Online Application

mepco online application

For getting the basic needs of electricity, everyone’s desire to get a connection to Electric power supply. The consumer can get general information regarding a new connection by making a personal phone call. Another way is by an email that is available on the official website of the MEPCO. You can also find information from authorized consumer care officers, as the foundation in the main contact office in the local office of the area. Where a particular window is established by MEPCO to facilitate its customer. You can online apply for a new connection by filling the MEPCO online application. Likewise, you can get more services online named as MEPCO Bill Correction and MEPCO duplicate Bill so on.

MEPCO Online Notification

MEPCO’s online notification and announcement give proper which relate with any type like posts, incensement or decrement in cost, etc. MEPCO tout 07 x nos. Jobs of Jr. Engineers in daily newspapers. Applicants can apply online after passing M/S National Testing Service (NTS). The written test conducted as well as interviews held too. During the interview, very keen fully observed the candidate that he is passed his mentioned degrees while filling the online form with demanded CGPA. 

Candidate’s CGPA does convert into percentage as per the formula of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

After clarification by HEC, the interviews of the decided quota will be rescheduled just after the collection of the result cards of all passed candidates of M/S National Testing Service (NTS).

MEPCO Online Registration

The MEPCO does facilitate to its consumer for bill registration through online email services. MEPCO receives the consumer’s electricity bill by online billing option. MEPCO administration makes a new application the fee-calculator which informs you about new services. So, MEPCO’s online registration saves your time by registering within a few minutes. These new services allow you to find the cost of a new connection to electricity in the house named MEPCO New Connection Cost Calculator.

mepco online registration

Special Note: MEPCO has stopped this service. You can get detail by finding the new connection’s cost. 

  1. For the activation of the service, go on-site, and fill the form.
  2. Please do enter your 
  3. Electricity reference number which describes in your Electricity bill:
  4. Then Email Address
  5. Make submission quickly, within required time your service will go active and your bill mailed in next bill
  6. This service will be active, and your bill mailed in the next bill.
  7. Consumers can get MEPCO bill registration notification by SMS while giving online details. 

MEPCO Tariff 

The general meaning of tariff is charges, cost, rates, terms and conditions of electric power’s generation, its transmission, its interconnection, its distribution, and sales to consumers by a MEPCO. MEPCO can only charge those tariff plans from consumers which approved by NEPRA and after the notification of the GOVT. Of Pakistan. Whatever tariff made to charge from the consumer of different categories, MEPCO directly shall apply to NEPRA.

Schedule Availability

MEPCO tariff’s schedule which approved by NEPRA and notified by the GOVT. Of Pakistan, it will be available in MEPCO’s offices and for the customers on-demand as free of cost. MEPCO will mention all the terms and queries of tariff which are applicable. 

Consumers can apply during the 30 days after advance for changing their current tariff. Consumers only can do apply for changes in tariffs with all required mentioned documents. Making all submissions of the form, MEPCO will grant approval in changing tariff around the 30 days after satisfying based on the provided information and website verification.

MEPCO Telephone Directory

For the help of its consumers, MEPCO providing all online and offline services. Consumers can register their complaints and issues and get a new connection by filling the form available by MEPCO Online Application. For direct information or any help, consumers may use call option; for this purpose MEPCO Telephone Directory available.

If you’re facing any issue related to your bill, you can now quickly contact MEPCO to solve all your queries. 

Toll-free number


 Customer service center Multan

For further pieces of information, you can visit MEPCO’s official website.

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