MEPCO MIS – Management Information System 2024

MEPCO Management Information System (MIS) is an advanced online platform designed exclusively for authorized MEPCO staff. It serves as a centralized information management system, allowing efficient handling of customer records, court cases, pending recoveries, bill corrections, new connection tracking, inquiries, and consumer complaints resolution. The implementation of this system addresses the need for streamlined data management and record-keeping for MEPCO, the leading power distribution company in Pakistan.

Why Mepco Started MIS:

MEPCO, the Multan Electric Power Company, recognized the need to initiate an Online Management Information System (MIS) to address the challenges of managing a vast customer base and ensure effective operations. Here are the reasons why MEPCO found it essential to implement an Online MIS.

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Efficient Data Management:

MEPCO serves approximately 35 million electricity consumers, requiring systematic and accurate management of consumer data. An online MIS allows for centralized storage, organization, and retrieval of customer records, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Streamlined Operations:

With numerous administrative districts under its jurisdiction, MEPCO needed a unified system to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency. The online MIS enables seamless coordination and communication among MEPCO staff members, enhancing collaboration and workflow management.

Enhanced Customer Service:

MEPCO’s priority is to provide excellent customer service. The Online MIS facilitates prompt resolution of customer complaints, query handling, and application processing. Access to real-time customer data empowers MEPCO representatives to address customer needs effectively and deliver a superior service experience.

Transparency and Accountability:

The implementation of an Online MIS ensures transparency and accountability within MEPCO’s operations. The system keeps a detailed record of activities such as new connection requests, bill corrections, recovery status, and court cases. This transparency fosters trust among consumers and stakeholders and promotes a culture of accountability within the organization.

Improved Decision-Making:

MEPCO’s management requires accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions. The Online MIS provides comprehensive data analysis, enabling managers to assess key performance indicators, identify trends, and devise effective strategies for service improvement, resource allocation, and infrastructure development.

Effective Monitoring and Reporting:

The Online MIS allows MEPCO to monitor various aspects of its operations, including energy consumption, revenue generation, and billing processes. Real-time monitoring enables the proactive identification of issues and facilitates timely corrective measures. Additionally, the system generates comprehensive reports and analytics, aiding in performance evaluation and future planning.

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance:

MEPCO operates within the framework of regulatory guidelines and policies. The Online MIS ensures adherence to these regulations by maintaining accurate records, tracking compliance-related activities, and facilitating the generation of necessary reports for regulatory authorities.

How to Access MEPCO MIS:

Mepco Mis

  1. Visit the official MEPCO website: and navigate to the ‘Employee Corner.’
  2. Select MEPCO MIS to access the online MIS account at
  3. Enter your unique User Name and Password to log in.

New MEPCO employees should request login credentials from their officers to gain access.

Functioning of MIS MEPCO:

MEPCO MIS empowers line managers and staff members to maintain and organize vital company data efficiently. It stores real-time information on electricity consumers, facilitating 24/7 tracking and faster resolution of customer complaints. Additionally, it serves as an archive for historical data, improving customer experience, saving time, and ensuring well-managed processes.

Key Responsibilities of MEPCO MIS:

1. Resolving Online Customer Complaints:

The MIS unit is available round-the-clock to address and resolve customer complaints related to new connections, incorrect bills, meter readings, electricity theft, and more. All pending and resolved complaints are meticulously recorded in the database.

2. Regulating New Connection Requests:

With the growing demand for electricity, MEPCO manages a significant number of new connection applications. MIS enables customers to track the status of their applications and seek assistance, ensuring efficient handling of requests.

3. Managing Court Cases:

The MIS team closely monitors ongoing court cases, storing records of judgments, decisions, and associated documentation within the online system.

4. Controlling Defaulter Recovery:

MEPCO MIS monitors the status of defaulter recovery, maintaining records of pending dues and payment history. It enables the MEPCO team to check the bill payment status of any connection or user online.

5. Recording Credits and Debits:

The MIS staff analyzes credits and debits at division and sub-division levels, accurately documenting cash payments and receipts.

The implementation of MEPCO MIS optimizes customer complaint resolution, facilitates new connections, ensures efficient handling of court cases, aids in defaulter recovery, and maintains transparent records of financial transactions. By utilizing this online information management system, MEPCO enhances operational effectiveness and delivers improved services to its valued customers.


Q. What is the purpose of MEPCO initiating an Online Management Information System?

A. MEPCO initiated the Online Management Information System to address the challenges of managing a vast customer base and ensure efficient operations. It provides a centralized platform for storing, organizing, and retrieving customer records, facilitating streamlined processes and effective data management.

Q. How does the Online MIS help MEPCO in managing its vast customer base?

A. The Online MIS enables MEPCO to manage its vast customer base by providing a centralized system for storing and organizing customer records. It ensures data integrity and accessibility, allowing MEPCO staff to efficiently handle customer queries, process applications, and provide timely and accurate services.

Q. What are the benefits of implementing an Online MIS for MEPCO’s operations?

A. The implementation of an Online MIS brings several benefits for MEPCO’s operations. It streamlines processes, improves customer service, enhances transparency and accountability, supports decision-making, enables effective monitoring and reporting, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Q. How does the Online MIS improve customer service provided by MEPCO?

A. The Online MIS improves customer service by facilitating prompt resolution of customer complaints and queries. It provides MEPCO representatives with real-time access to customer data, enabling them to quickly address issues related to new connection requests, bill corrections, recovery status, and court cases. This results in enhanced customer satisfaction and a more efficient service experience.

Q. What role does transparency play in MEPCO’s decision to adopt an Online MIS?

A. Transparency plays a crucial role in MEPCO’s decision to adopt an Online MIS. The system maintains a comprehensive record of activities, including new connection requests, bill corrections, recovery status, and court cases. This transparency fosters trust among consumers and stakeholders, promoting accountability and confidence in MEPCO’s operations.

Q. How does the Online MIS support effective monitoring and reporting within MEPCO?

A. The Online MIS supports effective monitoring and reporting within MEPCO by providing real-time access to data. It allows managers to track and analyze key metrics, identify trends, and generate comprehensive reports. This enables informed decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and proactive management of operations.

Q. How does the Online MIS contribute to MEPCO’s compliance with regulatory requirements?

A. The Online MIS ensures MEPCO’s compliance with regulatory requirements by maintaining accurate and up-to-date records. It allows for proper documentation of court cases, manages defaulter recovery, and tracks new connection applications, ensuring that MEPCO adheres to the regulations set by regulatory authorities.

Q. What data management capabilities does the Online MIS provide for MEPCO?

A. The Online MIS provides MEPCO with robust data management capabilities. It enables secure storage, retrieval, and updating of customer records, including court cases, pending recoveries, consumer bill corrections, new connection tracking, and pending inquiries. The system ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and efficient management of MEPCO’s critical information.

Q. How does the Online MIS enhance collaboration and workflow management among MEPCO staff?

A. The Online MIS enhances collaboration and workflow management among MEPCO staff by providing a centralized platform for information sharing and task allocation. It allows authorized users to access and update relevant data, facilitating seamless communication, coordination, and efficient workflow management.

Q. How does the implementation of an Online MIS position MEPCO as a technologically advanced power distribution company?

A. The implementation of an Online MIS demonstrates MEPCO’s commitment to adopting advanced technologies in its operations. It positions MEPCO as a technologically advanced power distribution company by streamlining processes, improving customer service, and ensuring effective data management. This enhances MEPCO’s reputation as an organization that embraces innovation to deliver efficient and reliable services.

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