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So you’re looking for Mepco New Connection and searching for online solutions to it. Now you can Register your new Connection online. Instead of visiting the nearest office, you can submit the online form to submit an application for the new connection. Throughout, the process remains the same, as mepco is trying to facilitate its customers with every possible solution. ‘

You can access the Mepco Online New Connection Form here.

You need to fill out the Mepco Online Connection or Application form with the required details are as under:

  • Select the Connection Type
  • Select the Company
  • Test and Scan all the documents using your mobile phone
  • Gather all the required documents required
  • Now submit the form online or print it out, attach it with the documents and submit it to the nearest office.

If you are stuck on any point while filling out the form and need any assistance, you can follow the guidelines at How to Apply for Mepco New Connection.

MEPCO New Connection Application:

To submit the Online Application forms for a MEPCO new connection, it’s available free of cost . Also, complete guidelines related to connection, registration, submission, and follow-up are listed below to make the process easy for you. The application that will be submitted needed to fill all cells and have to attach required all supporting documents.

You can send the application to MEPCO concerned office or by registering an E-mail. After that, you will receive a receipt and a serial number as an affirmation to the applicant for the next process or reference issued by the MEPCO office.

There are some documents that are required to attach with the application, few of them are like:

  1. Ownership evidence letter of premises
  2. A sworn statement from the owner of the assumptions that no connection is existing in the premises for whom the new connection is applied
  3. If any then the consumer must have to pay its outstanding dues if found later and Certificate of No objection
  4. The applicant’s attested CNIC copies with two witnesses.
  5. The applicant can check his connection status by using the receipt number or the applicant’s id.

The local sub-division office of the area is counted as the main office, there you can find a separate window for consumer service centers set by MEPCO to facilitate the consumer with all necessary basic information needed regarding the application of new connections and issues in old connections.

Mepco Online New Connection Form:

By using the online application form you can now easily register or apply for connection while sitting at home. The details that will be submitted will remain the same. You need to submit the clear pictures that are required by mepco in order to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Here is the Link to the Mepco Online New Connection Download Form:

How to Apply for Mepco New Connection:

To apply for a new connection now it’s made very easy by mepco. You can submit the application online and submit it while you can also print it out and submit it offline. The procedure will remain the same. The essentials that are required to apply for a new connection are as under:

Take clear pictures, scan all the documents that are listed below:

  1. Copy Of Property Document
  2. An Agreement of Rent if Property not Owned by you
  3. An Application Undertaking Form
  4. CNIC Copy of Applicant (Attested)
  5. CNIC Copy of Witness (Attested)
  6. Neighbor Electricity Bill Copy

After you’ve done with it submit the online form and take a print of the copy.

  • Now collect all the documents, arrange them and visit your nearest office
  • Submit all the collected documents there
  • The verification process may take a while so you’ve to wait for a little there at the office
  • After the verification process has been done, a demand notice will be issued
  • Now you’ve to follow up with it, collect the slip along with the listed amount
  • Submit this amount to the nearest bank and take the payment slip from the bank
  • Submit the payment slip to the same office
  • Once everything will be done, the meter installation process will be started
  • You need to be responsive to the phone calls you’ll get for the meter installation against the area for which you’ve applied for the new connection.

MEPCO New Connection Demand Notice

After you’ve done with the Documents submission a demand notice will be issued. This demand notice consists of the cost estimated and the security amount for payment by the concerned applicant. For making payment, the MEPCO listed authorized branches of banks to receive the demand notice charges on his behalf. When the bank receives, the payment will issue a receipt for proof or a payment slip.

After completing all procedure of application submitting and getting the payment by an applicant, the MEPCO first define the priority number of connection to one by one applicant. No connection shall be made without any inspection as standards of MEPCO at the beginning of the installation.

MEPCO Metering:

MEPCO authorized in providing subsequent metering equipment for all consumer categories at the cost of the consumer. In case of the non-availability of the meter by MEPCO, the consumer can purchase the equipment as per the described specification of the MEPCO. Metering equipment should be as per MEPCO’S laid down Grid Code or Distribution Code.

Location of Meter

This is the consumer’s responsibility to give proper safe and accessible lactation for the installation. The meter should be installed at a reasonable height so the reading can be possible without using climbing devices. For various-occupancy buildings, the meter should be installed at a single location within the building boundary. MEPCO has the full right to shift or change the place of the meter.

Installation of Meter

The meter Installation step started after you receive the call from mepco regarding the details of the meter and its installation. MEPCO shall give its best try to install the meter with authorized standards. The meter shall be installed in a vertical position on a non-flammable board.

Replacement of Meter

The consumer has no right to make any changes or replacements in the meter, only can make a complaint. In case of any doubt regarding the meter, the MEPCO has the right to replace the meter at any time.

MEPCO has made some new changes in its new connection fees. Since citizens are facing another big problem because now they have to spend Rs. 5000 to get a new connection while earlier its cost was only Rs. 1400. On the other hand, the thing creating a problem is with those customers who have been submitted their demand notice of Rs. 3400, they receive notice to submit Rs. 1400 more to get a new connection. Moreover, MEPCO has also withdrawn the facility to provide 40 meters of free wire for the connection. Now providing only 15 meters wire and for the rest needed wire customers to have to pay Rs. 100 per meter more.

So, The New Connection Fee is Approximately: Rs. 5000

A room is likely to be disconnected if its consumption does not comply with payment of the bill for energy consumption expenses, or if you use electricity extended your charge beyond the allowable charge even after receiving notification within this respect for MEPCO.

  • The consumer is legally liable to pay his bill within the mentioned due date in the bill in other cases has to pay a late payment surcharge if he doesn’t pay his bill after the due date.
  • In the other case of non-payment of the last month’s electricity bill, MEPCO will send 7 days’ notice to the consumer offering two conditions either can clear his outstanding dues with the current bill or on the other hand he has to face disconnection.
  • If no payment receipt even after the expiry date of the notice period, the electricity supply will be a disconnected. In this case, the supply can’t be restored or reconnected from the MEPCO unless he will pay fully along with the surcharge payment. MEPCO can disconnect the supply without any further notice.

Mepco New Connection Status/Tracking:

Now mepco has provided the facility to track your connection or check your connection status. This step has been taken to ensure the smoothness of the process. To track your connection or check your application status, you will need a tracking number (unique number issued by mepco regarding the connection). You can check the status of your connection by visiting the same office where you submitted the application for the new connection.

To track/to check the status of your application online, here are the steps:

  1. Take out the tracking number or simply CNIC.
  2. Now, Track Your Application Here.
  3. Select New Connection
  4. Enter your tracking id/CNIC number
  5. A new pop window will appear, that will show you the status of your connection.

You can also click the button below to proceed:

MEPCO Complaint Cell For New Connections:

For providing the best service to its customer, MEPCO complaint cell is doing great at its best. Consumer complaints related to getting new connections, meter reading issues and billing, electric failure supply, and so many matters with electric power services shall be swiftly noticed by MEPCO.

For making offset consumer complaints, MEPCO’S consumer service centers take notice of all kinds of complaints related to online applications submitted by applicants. One window is operational in MEPCO’S office to handle such types of complaints by the consumer.

MEPCO shall handle complaints as mentioned:

  • Complaint regarding new connection
  • Complaints regarding billing
  • Complaints regarding the failure of electric supply

Here are some of the regional complaint center’s emails. You can now directly submit your complaints by sending emails to the below emails. There are no special requirements for it you need to follow these steps:

  1. Compile an Email
  2. Enter your Name
  3. List Your Connection Tracking ID
  4. In the Description Section, State your Message and Send the Email to get insights about your connection status or complaint.

Here are the Regional Complain Centers Emails:

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MEPCO Directory

MEPCO directory listed below:

  • Multan Region
  • D.G. Khan Region
  • Vehardi region
  • Bahawalpur region
  • Sahiwal Region
  • R.Y.Khan region
  • Muzafrrargardh region
  • Bahawalnagar Circle
  • Bahawalnager region

You can get their number details by clicking on MEPCO’S Online Telephone directory link Click Here

For regarding any complaint, you may register your claim at MEPCO’s complaint number. Let us know if you need help with anything related to mepco bills. You can check our homepage so that you’ll get relevant information related to your query.

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