Mepco Online Bills Payment 2022

MEPCO is one of the leading electric power supply companies in Pakistan. Since its development, it has been expanding and acquiring technological changes as needed. It covers the thirteen districts of southern Punjab. It has been given licensed from NEPRA to serve the given districts. MEPCO dispatches on 15 of each month the bills to their respective owner’s address and you are eligible to pay within 10 days or later the late fees are applied after the due date. There is always a tense created for the users to pay the bills on time, sometimes the bill reaches late or sometimes they do not arrive on time, but there is no need to worry, thanks to technological advancement that has brought more ease in our life. In this article, you will learn about how mepco online bills payment is done. 

Mepco Online Bills Payment

mepco online bill payment

MEPCO online bills payment is made easier, MEPCO itself is not providing this facility on its website but they have made partnerships with banks so that their consumers can make payments using apps of various online fintech companies and banks.

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One of the major factors for paying your bill online is saving time. On a monthly basis you get notification after the bill dispatch from the company. You get notified about the amount billed and the date of payment on your smartphone on a monthly basis. There are no extra charges to paying bills online, you just pay the amount as described on a specific date period. Various fintech companies also offer discounts and discounted cash back for their promotions. The people who are familiar with smartphones can easily do this job. But if you are not familiar with smartphones then this may be a little tricky for you.

Online Bills Payments

Online electricity bill payment gives you a convenient way to pay your electricity bills on time. With this payment option, you cannot only pay your single electricity bills but you can make multiple utility bills payments with one convenient payment gateway. Mepco as such is not offering online bill payment but other fintech companies and banks are giving facility to their customers to pay their mepco bill online with their app.

To meet the competition level, every company is adopting new technology to serve their customers to keep the process simple and satisfied. Many banks are offering online payment systems including fintech companies such as easypaisa, jazzcash. Now you don’t have to wait in long rows and wait for your turn in extremely hot day light, just simply pay your bill with an online application. 

How To Pay MEPCO Bills Online?

You can pay your bill online with your smartphone as well as laptop or computer. It all needs internet connectivity and a bank account with optimum balance.

How to pay mepco bills online

To pay your bill online just follow the following steps 

  • Open the application of your bank (HBL, Meezan, Easypaisa, Jazzcash)
  • Click on bill payment section
  • Select the provider and category
  • Write down your reference number
  • It will fetch your data and shows information on screen
  • Click on pay button 
  • You will get confirmation message that you bill is paid. 


Utility Bill Online

There is nothing easier to get online bills and pay bills online. Technology has brought us this far that we can check and pay bills with just one click. You can check all your utility bills online including, electricity, water, gas, telephone and other. All providers across pakistan had partnerships with banks in collaborating for the online utility bills payment.  You can view your bill online by visiting their online websites or you can also fetch the details of the bill on your mobile application easily.


Online Payment Methods In Pakistan

There are various bill payment methods in Pakistan, to perform MEPCO online bills payment you must have a bank account and optimum bank balance so that the transaction should be made. Almost all the banks who are offering online banking applications are facilitating their customers to easily pay their utility bills online. Some of the famous bill payment methods are described below.


easypaisa bill payment

It is simple and easy to use online applications. Follow the below steps 

  • Recharge amount from at any local easypaisa shop or bank transfer 
  • Click on bill icon
  • Choose the provider 
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on pay button.


HBL Mobile 

HBL mobile banking application is also best for paying your bills online 

  • Login to your app
  • Select bill
  • Choose provider
  • Enter reference number
  • Click on pay button.


Jazz Cash

jazz cash bill payment

Jazz cash is also simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to recharge the amount in it so that the transaction can be made.

  • Login the app
  • Click on bill payment
  • Choose utility provider
  • Fetch data with the account number
  • Click on the pay button.

Daraz Wallet

daraz wallet bill payment

It is also a new offering by daraz. You can also pay all your utility bills with a daraz wallet. One of its best features is that they are offering a ten percent discount on the first bill payment. All you have to do is to recharge it by attaching your bank card with it and the rest of the process is the same as all apps possess.

Through Other Payment Transfer Methods like Mobi cash, and others you can transfer the amount for the bill payment but with a little tax. Check mepco rates here.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are various benefits of paying your utility bills online, it just not only saves your time but also saves you from lots of tragedy it takes to pay bills manually. As there are too many benefits of paying bills online there are also cons for this, sometimes the server response time is slow so either it takes too much time to load or they show an error. Except in your digital bank statement and text message, you don’t have any proof that you have paid your bill, if something negative happens there is nothing to show as proof. 

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