MEPCO Bill Multan 2022

If you want to check your MEPCO bill Multan 2022 then you are at the right place. allows customers to easily view the online billing information of the people located in Multan. MEPCO company was formed on 14 MAY 1998 in according to all the policies and standards of governance. All these properties, including rights, obligations, rules, defendants, are acquired by developing the hydroelectric company of Multan.

It is a well-defined and equipped company that maintains a high electric power supply to its consumers and meets the consumers’ expectations. It provides electricity to over 1.4 million, including all the local districts of Multan under a licensed which is granted by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) MEPCO maintains all the distribution of the electricity into your offices, homes, factories, etc. MEPCO manages all the power consumption in Multan. Even though many Electricity unit and taxes which have been used are checked by MEPCO Electricity Bill Multan.



All the bills after calculation save on the website memory and then the admin publish all the consumer bill to their website after that all the consumer search by their reg number and id to get their bill online

Mepco bill multan 2020
Mepco bill Multan 2020

MEPCO Bill Multan 2022

MEPCO company has been set up by the Government for the convenience of the customers and allows them to view online billing information quickly, this website can show us all the MEPCO Bills Multan online. Another feature of this website is that we can check all MEPCO duplicate bills. There is an effortless way to generate an invoice from the site.

Procedure to check “MEPCO Online Bill 

For my respects customers, within this website, you will understand all Online Bill procedures. Go to Mepco Bill Check, There you’ll find a box above, where the reference number will be written it must be noted that the correct reference number which is up to date will be entered in it.

After all this process you will have your bill with all the information in a few seconds if you want to get a copy of the bills, you can get it from there you can also download it, make copies of it, etc. And one of the benefits of this is that you can also submit and pay mepco bill online on time.

Many problem occurs when you check your online bill but it is just because your registration id number is missing so that the bill cant be generated whenever you enter your number

Mpco online bill
Mepco online bill

How to get MEPCO Duplicate Bill Multan?

The biggest problem for a customer is not getting the bill on time. You can get your MEPCO Duplicate Bill from the website. ; To get you duplicate bills all you have to do this entering your CNIC number in the site, all the bill information comes in a just couple of seconds
A reminder for customers is that always keep your previous bill safe, so if you have old charges in your new bill, then all those charges can be eliminated by the old bills.
You can easily print your MEPCO duplicate bill or download it.

This is the very easiest way to get your bill through the web

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MEPCO Consumer Bill Multan

Getting the bill on time is the most important thing for a customer, sometimes most of the parts are missing from your bill. A customer needs to check and submit his bill unit rates and other rates include in the bills. To resolve this issue, the customer provides his bills by checking the website ” MEPCO Bill Multan.”
MEPCO Consumer Bill Multan can easily be generated after entering the reference number, and in a few moments we can print or download it MEPCO bills are generally received at your place but there are a lot of difficulties to sending bills at your place

The very basic and easiest way to get a bill is to log in and then register your id, after all, that process you can see your bill at the homepage of the website.

mepco consumer bill multan
Mepco consumer bill Multan

Adjoining cities under MEPCO

There are many adjoining cities under MEPCO all these cities are provided with electricity these cities are mentioned blow :

  • Rahim-yar khan
  • Lodhran
  • Sahiwal
  • Dera Ghazi Khan
  • Layyah
  • Nehari
  • Rajanpur
  • Rajanpur
  • Bhawalpur
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Muzaffargarh
  • Pakpattan


About Map:

This map shows us that MEPCO has 09 circles,13 districts,38 divisions, and 181 subdivisions.
There are NA Constituencies, and PP Constituencies exist in it MEPCO boundaries also touches with the other PESCO, QESCO, HESCO, LESCO, AND FESCO. All these companies collaborate with WAPDA.

mepco map
Mepco map


Contact details of MEPCO

If you feel like there’s an issue you’re facing about your bill, subscription, or anything, you can now quickly contact the MEPCO helpline, and submit your application through the web or visit the local office of MEPCO. All complaints can be lodged through the online complaint form through which all the queries can be easily solved. Both of the helplines are available on the official MEPCO Bill Multan website where you can access them quite easily without facing any issue. Complaints are quickly registered through this existing number you can contact freely on these number

  1. 061-9220313
  2. 061-9220314 
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