Flood Affected Areas Power Supply Restoration Work is Started

The Federal Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Ahmed Mir Nasir, told reporters that on special instructions from Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif, emergency operations to restore power in areas affected by floods were continuing. The Prime Minister himself personally supervises the restoration work, supervises and instructs the people about the further process. In addition, he said that the Government had taken steps to ensure an uninterrupted power supply in flood-hit areas. Also, in the areas where everything was destroyed by the flood,  new work will be getting started as soon as possible to ensure the electric supply in the areas where flood hit the most.

He added that the government was also working to provide relief to people living in flood-hit areas and providing them with food and shelter. He said that the government would continue to take measures to prevent further damage caused by floods. All employees of the electricity department have been directed to restore electricity to the flood-affected areas. Flooding in areas controlled by electricity distribution companies across the country, including Multan, where power has been restored at 81 substations has affected electricity at 81 grid stations. He voiced these views while auditing electricity restoration works in flood-affected areas under the Taunsa Sharif administration.

He said that initially 881 11kV outgoings in the four provinces were affected by monsoon rains and floods, which affected the supply of 975,000 consumers, but so far 475 outgoings have been restored in these affected departures, of which 70,600 consumers were restored. Also, in the main areas where the electricity is totally out, the Govt is taking steps to further improve the situation in those areas. To avoid power outages in flood-affected areas, the import of electricity from 35 substations has not yet started which will be done after the basic measures will be taken. Out of these 35 network stations, 25 are located in flood-prone areas in Balochistan, and 5 in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions

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